‘Elizabeth, Just 16’- The perfect story of an imperfect MRKH diagnosis

Ally Hensley, co-founder of Global MRKH, conducted an exclusive interview with Cecilia Paul, the author of Elizabeth, Just 16. In her interview, Ally digs a bit deeper in to the reasons Cecilia Paul wrote the book and her understanding of coming to accept being diagnosed with MRKH. – Amy Lossie

Global MRKH

This made my absolute day, “Cecilia Paul has agreed to an exclusive interview Ally, from the first international MRKH support group to author. Good luck!” wrote Cecilia’s PR Manager at Clink Street Publishing, London, UK. However, this interview shortly became an insightful and extraordinary exchange between a woman who has spent her life caring and treating women with this unique diagnosis and a woman who has not only been treated and cared for when diagnosed, but transformed this experience into a life of advocacy and global collaborations for support accessibility.

meCecilia, a woman who’s insight, compassion and understanding of MRKH brought the condition to life with an intricacy and empathy rarely seen in related literature and various publications written over the years. Elizabeth, Just 16 not only tells the story of a young woman’s first year following the life-changing day of diagnosis, but also intelligently untangles the obstacles of identity…

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