This Side of 1999 – Reflections on Prince and Mortality

“To our offspring, we have no life besides folding laundry and cooking dinner, and despite our assurances to the contrary, we never did. And we certainly have no idea what it’s like to be a teenager. Never were we caught up in the adolescent malestrom of emotions and hormones and young jungle love.”  — Melissa Firman

What a fantastic piece of writing, Melissa. You are truly gifted!

IMG_0875For the past week, I have been reflecting on the loss of Prince. He LIVED 57 years on this planet. His music shaped my youth, represented a time when all doors were open, when my choices had not yet closed options. His music fueled my burgeoning sexuality and gave me permission to experience life, to explore all it had to offer. As I reflect on 15 from 48, I wonder what I would change if I could do it over again. Would I still choose to be the little red corvette? Would I make different choices? How have my choices shaped who I am today? I embrace my resilience. I embrace the person who stared down divorce, MRKH, infertility and other challenges. I appreciate the maturity I gained through these experiences. Would I change anything? If I did, what would it mean? These challenges gave me the tools to knock down the larger roadblocks. Where would I be without them?

As you check out Melissa’s blog, I challenge you to ask what was your moment? What are your triumphs? Failures? What did you learn through these painful times? I learned to appreciate all that comes my way. I learned to work hard and to love deeply. I learned to forgive myself and to forgive others. I’m learning to think about others, yet honor my truth. I learned to let others create their own way of doing things. I learned to be uncomfortable. I learned to do it right the first time. I learned that I can face MRKH; I can stare down infertility and emerge triumphant. But, most of all, I learned to trust and I learned to love. What have you learned? XOXO Amy


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