A Glimpse Into the Fostering Process

What a lovely story of how to be a foster parent. It dispels the myths and shows the strengths of the program.

What a wonderful way to create a family.

The Empowerment of the Silent Sisterhood

You know those rare situations when you meet a beautiful couple whose love for one another fills the room, they are tons of fun to be around and you can just tell they are good people? Well, Sara and Stuart, a special couple I met when visiting the Pacific Northwest is one of those couples. I friended Sara on social media after returning home from my trip because we talked briefly about my non-profit organization and adoption and she seemed like a cool chick I would want to stay in touch with. I was right. At the end of 2015, Sara joyfully posted on social media that she and Stuart, were officially licensed foster parents! Awesome! There aren’t nearly enough foster parents in this world to house all of the deserving children that need homes and these two would be perfect for the job! After their big announcement, I got…

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