I am Tired of Hiding

So proud of Brittany and the entire the MRKH community. It took courage to write this post so that just maybe one person would see it and know they are no longer alone. One person doing one thing can change an entire community. You’ve got this, Brittany!

The Empowerment of the Silent Sisterhood

While I imagine that most will continue past this post, I hope you’ll stop and read it. It contains brutal honesty and personal info; be prepared for a giant case of TMI. Most guys will probably want to scroll past, unless you’re interested in reading about genetic disorders.

As many of you know I have MRKH, also known as; congenital absence of the uterus and vagina (CAUV), genital renal ear syndrome (GRES), Müllerian agenesis, Müllerian aplasia, Müllerian dysgenesia, or Rokitansky syndrome.

In the simplest terms, MRKH means that something happened between 6 to 18 weeks in gestation that caused my reproduction organs to develop improperly. At this same time hearing, other internal organs and skeletal parts begin to form. For me this means not only did a vaginal canal and uterus not develop as expected, I have joint and spine problems, as well as being completely deaf in my right…

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