Climbing An Insurmountable Mountain


I can’t believe today is here. It’s my last chemo infusion. I made it up and over the mountain that I thought was insurmountable! 


All of you helped carry my load through this adventure. You called, emailed, texted, PMd, sent letters, cards, flowers and so many packages! Each time something came by text, email, PM or mail, my heart lifted and my burden lightened. On my worst day I received 5 packages, and I felt the love and caring each of you poured into me. It was impossible to feel sorry for myself, as each day I felt tremendous gratitude for all of the help, support and love that came my way.

The letters you all wrote filled me with gratitude, hope and joy. They hold tremendous meaning to me. I appreciate the time all of my family, friends and the global MRKH Community spent filling me with love, hope and strength. You made this seemingly insurmountable adventure possible. I am forever held in your light. 



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