Finding Your True Love After Being Diagnosed with MRKH: An Interview with Jon Misch

Fabulous interview of Jon Misch, by Beautiful You’s Spokeswoman, Jaclyn Schultz!

Well, if Jaclyn wouldn’t have come out with having MRKH, I don’t think she’d have had such a passion for helping others. Her MRKH reminds her, and others, that everybody has a cross to bare, and for Jaclyn I think that’s inspired her to be more outward, to show girls that they are not defined by their diagnosis. This is one of the things that I found, and still find, fascinating about her, and one of the reason I fell so much for her. – Jon Misch

The Empowerment of the Silent Sisterhood

Jaclyn Schultz isn’t new to the spotlight (nor is Jon) or the interviews the follow. Now she is turning the tables and interviewing her fiancé and longtime MRKH supporter, Jon Misch. Jon will be presenting at MRKH Day on April 11, 2015 and as many of you already feel like you know him from watching him on SURVIVOR, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know him a little better in this Q & A with J & J!

Jaclyn and Jon        Jaclyn and jon 2

How long were we dating before I told you I was diagnosed with MRKH ?

It was about 2 or 3 months before Jaclyn told me about her having MRKH, but I honestly felt like she prepared me a little before she said anything. She would say things like, “what if you’re not able to have kids?” and would ask my thoughts on adoption. I had already…

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