Beautiful You MRKH Foundation

I just read this heartfelt and moving post by one of our MRKH Warriors, Teri Cercone. She blogs about MRKH on Google +, and I have to reblog her post. She talks about how finding this group of women, comprised of members throughout the world. Here is a fantastic quote from her most recent blog:

It is a wonderful organization that encourages us lucky ladies to be proud of ourselves and to remind us how beautiful we are even with MRKH. The one thing I really love and feel like I should also be doing, is the foundation encourages us to talk about the syndrome and bring awareness to it. I would LOVE to tell someone I have MRKH and not have to explain it. I want them just to say, “Oh, so you were born without the proper parts of the reproductive system?” Hell yea I was and I rock it! I wouldn’t actually say that, but I would be screaming it in my head.

I loved reading this. I am thrilled to see how in just two and a half short years, our fledgling foundation has changed the lives of women with MRKH. We have more mountains to climb, but we are moving forward. Being a founder of this non-profit organization has enriched my life more than I could have imagined, and I am grateful and thankful every day for having seized this opportunity to work with my partner, Christina Ruth, to bring awareness to MRKH, to help women struggling and thriving with MRKH, to foster relationships with MRKH experts throughout the United States, and to start raising funds for research on MRKH!

Here is a link to her full blog post:  Told by Teri: Beautiful You MRKH

Amy C. Lossie, PhD

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