Viraj Mane and I wrote a popular Blog post for “Sci on the Fly”

I just found out the the blog post Viraj Mane and I wrote for Sci on the Fly, an AAAS-sponosored blog, was quite popular! Since Viraj was the scientific first author in every sense of the word and I was the senior author (i.e. my role was more of editor than author), I want to give him a huge Shout Out for putting his experiences and opening himself up in this blog post! Way to go, Viraj!!! We should continue this collaboration!

Our post discusses how your PhD can open doors unknown to you and frankly, most of Academia. Viraj told how he transitioned from Academia to Government work on new devices and finally to becoming an Entrepreneur with three start-up companies. His latest venture, PULSa8 is an online community where you can share and preserve your stories for future generations. Check it out!

Here is what the Sci on the Fly editorial board had to say:

“On behalf of the Editorial Board at Sci on the Fly, we congratulate blogger Amy Lossie! Her post, “Careers are Locked Doors, but Your PhD is the Master Key” was the most visited page on the Fellows Central website, aside from the home page and user page.

This is a first for the blog, way to go Amy!”

Here is the link:…/careers-are-locked-doors…

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