Autopsy of Toronto Star HPV article and the real dark side of Gardasil they missed

Great Pot by Dr. Jen Gunter on the journalism failure of the Toronto Star on their story and ‘retraction’ piece about the safety of the Gardisil vaccine. This post is scientifically accurate and reflects on the shoddy journalism.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Today the publisher of the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, wrote that the article “A wonder drug’s dark la-fi-mh-how-a-major-newspaper-20150213-001side” will be removed from the online site. This is 15 days after it was originally published. It obviously still lives on in print and in screen shots, but now at least no anti-vaccine groups will be able to use the article in links.

The retraction is the right thing and while I’m bothered it took 15 days I am chalking that up to the Star’s investigative team actually doing the research they neglected the first time ’round the barn. I say that because if they had actually researched HPV vaccination they never would have led with “A wonder drug’s dark side.” After all a drug that has the same side effect profile, the exact same side effect profile, as placebo can’t really have a dark side.

But delay aside, I…

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