The Power of ‘Coming Out’

What a moving post written by Mell, an 18 year old who just ‘Came Out’ with her MRKH diagnosis to her friends and family. Because of the support of BYMRKH and other women with MRKH, she created a personal donation page through our Give Rare Campaign. Mell, you are already changing lives of women with MRKH. Telling your story will give others the courage to live their lives free from shame and isolation.

The Empowerment of the Silent Sisterhood

My name is Mell, I am an 18 year old living in Australia with MRKH syndrome and this is my MRKH story.

My journey with MRKH syndrome started just over 2 years ago now when I turned 16. I remember when I was 12; my best friend came to me one morning before school terrified telling me she had started her period. At such a young age it was such a daunting thought and so hard to understand why it happened. As I got older more and more of my friends started getting theirs too. I didn’t think anything weird about not having mine until I turned 16 and it still hadn’t started. I was growing impatient of not getting it yet. I know that would sound so weird for most women to hear but it’s true. I just wanted it so I could feel normal and experience what every…

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