Never. Ever. Settle.

Love this honest, raw post from Ally, the co-founder of Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation in Australia.

The Empowerment of the Silent Sisterhood

“Ally, where have you been?”

This is what I said to myself last night on the bus ride home. As I continued to ‘IPhone swipe’ between my inbox and Facebook every 20-30 seconds on the humid and cramped 381, I felt this huge pang of disconnect with myself. I had this overwhelming sense that I had become someone addicted to the next email or notification, concerned at the mere chance I may ‘miss out’ or seem too ‘delayed’ in my response to an email seeking advice or support.

Aside from passing my driving test (needless to say I haven’t been behind the wheel since I took that test), I have achieved very little that is tangible and real. I am not academic, I am not particularly good at boys or cooking, I can do a down-ward dog but never ask me to run a cross-country! That is until; I created…

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