I’m not taking career advice from old white dudes anymore.

This post resonated with me. I know these Old White Dudes. They called me Little Girl, would not listen to my scientific expertise (even though I was way more up to date on the literature), only accepted my expertise when another Old White Dude look alike finally backed me up (with no references, just an opinion), statements addressing my appearance that implied I was hired because of my looks. These Old White Dudes have a way of picking at you, little by little that undermines your confidence, but there is not much that the Deans will see as out of line. Thank you for this great post! I hear you Acclimatrix.

Tenure, She Wrote

Recently, a senior emeritus professor called me out because he hadn’t seen me at a talk in a different department (let’s say it’s Astronomy). “I’ve never seen you at a single Astronomy talk,” he admonished. “You really need to go to those.” I patiently explained that I typically have a teaching conflict, which he brushed off, and repeated his imperative that I really needed “to go to those talks.” He was angry at my laziness in failing to attend these critical seminars in a tangentially related field, and didn’t respect my explanations that 1) I couldn’t, and 2) even if I could, I have to make hard choices and don’t always have the luxury of doing everything I’d like to.

Now, I’m an interdisciplinary scientist– in fact, my position is split between a departmental home and an interdisciplinary institute, which means I go to twice as many faculty meetings and probably four times as many…

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